RESOCEA among selected ERC projects

Vilnius-collectionIn a conference organised under the Lithuanian Presidency of the EU Council, the ERC, together with a number of universities and research institutes, addressed the benefits that can be expected from investing in Social sciences and Humanities in Europe. Among the projects that were selected to represent the wide topics and fields ERC supports was the RESOCEA project.


Encompassing a wide variety of topics, the Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) disciplines help deciphering many aspects of human life. They produce knowledge about our societies and our past, our complex relations to each other and to our environment.
They are crucial to build, understand and improve our institutions, which are the backbone of any democracy. They enrich the understanding of how modern economies work – or fail to work and they critically reflect on the consequences of industrialisation, urbanisation and population growth. They provide the intellectual power to respond to some of the
most pressing challenges facing our globalised world.
ERC-funded projects in the SSH are often led by multidisciplinary teams with strong links to other domains; they can range from archaeology, urban studies and linguistics to demography, the performing arts and law or economics. This collection of projects offers a taste of the breadth and depth of some research funded by the ERC in this field.

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