Culture Weekly reviews the concluding conference of RESOCEA

Culture Weekly

Teodora Georgieva from the Bulgarian “Culture Weekly” reports on the presentations and the follow-up discussion during the international conference “COMPARATIVE STUDIES OF COMMUNISM: Regime and Society in the Countries of Eastern Europe (1956-1989)” convened by Prof. Ivaylo Znepolski (PI of RESOCEA).

How to compare an apple to an orange? (In Bulgarian)

Как се сравнява ябълка с портокал?

На 24 и 25 ноември в университета „Св. Климент Охридски” в рамките на традиционния ежегоден форум „Софийски диалози” (провеждащ се за 21-ви път) се състоя международна конференция „Сравнителни изследвания на комунизма. Режимът и обществото в страните от Източна Европа (1956-1989)”.
Срещата бе организирана от Дома на науките за човека и обществото (София), Френския институт и Софийския университет. В нея бяха представени и дискутирани общо 16 доклада на изследователи от 11 държави.

RESOCEA team contributed to the ‘Event’ as a historical concept

Event conference

The RESOCEA team took part in an international conference on the structure and the genesis of the ‘Event’ as historical concept held in Sofia. They had the chance to discuss the methodology implied under the ‘incident/event’ as a tool to understand historical processes.

Below you can find the list of participants and their topics:

Sofia DIALOGUES FORUM, 20th Edition

International Conference 2014

The 6th and 7th of December 2014
Sofia University, Glace Hall

Opening address by the organisers

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RESOCEA among selected ERC projects

Vilnius-collectionIn a conference organised under the Lithuanian Presidency of the EU Council, the ERC, together with a number of universities and research institutes, addressed the benefits that can be expected from investing in Social sciences and Humanities in Europe. Among the projects that were selected to represent the wide topics and fields ERC supports was the RESOCEA project.


Encompassing a wide variety of topics, the Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) disciplines help deciphering many aspects of human life. They produce knowledge about our societies and our past, our complex relations to each other and to our environment. Continue reading

Second working session of the RESOCEA international team

As agreed in the preliminary project agenda the Senior team meat once again in Sofia on the 3th and 4th of July 2012 to report and discuss the first outcomes of their research. This time the focus was on the first explored period 1956 – 1968.

Apart from the core team members Prof. Ivaylo Znepolski has invited Prof. Giovanni Levi and Prof. Padraic Kenney to comment on the papers and offer their methodological and historical expertise to improve the complementarity of the studied incidents.

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Prof. Ivaylo Znepolski – An eyewitness to the ex-communist regimes in Eastern Europe

ERC Newsletter “ideas” focuses on Bulgaria and together with Prof. Ignatov’s interview (Minister of Research, Education and Youth) presents Prof. Ivaylo Znepolski’s  research supported by the Advanced Scholar Scheme.

ERC Advanced grantee Prof. Ivaylo Znepolski, Bulgarian former Culture Minister (1993-1995), specialises in the history of communism. In his project, he elucidates the significance of the fall of former Soviet bloc regimes. By analysing the motives and behaviour of individuals and groups, he hopes to identify the key factors behind the social and political changes that took place in Eastern Europe from 1956 to 1989.

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How to Write a History of the People’s Republic of Bulgaria?

Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” in cooperation with the Institute for Studies of the Recent Past organize a third meeting under the university seminar “Regime and Society 1956 – 1989″ supervised by Prof. Ivaylo Znepolski

on the topic: How to Write a History of the People’s Republic of Bulgaria?

The focus of discussions will be the recently published „NRB. From the Beginning till its End“ edited by Ivaylo Znepolski and authored by: Daniel Vatchkov, Ivaylo Znepolski, Ivan Elenkov, Martin Ivanov, Michail Gruev, Momchil Metodiev, Plamen Doynov Continue reading

Sovereignty and “real socialism”

Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” and the Institute for Studies of the Recent Past organize the second meeting under the RECOCEA university seminar “Regime and Society 1956 – 1989″ supervised by Prof. Ivaylo Znepolski

The topic of the forthcoming discussions is: Sovereignty and “real socialism”. Becoming the Sixteenth Soviet Republic – A Metaphor or a Real Option?

Participants: Lachezar Stoyanov (New Bulgarian University), Evgenia Kalinova and Iskra Baeva (Sofia University), Dragomir Draganov and Zhivko Lefterov (New Bulgarian University)

Venue: Sofia University, New Conference Hall, 18.30 on January 19 2012. Continue reading

RESOCEA opens to public with a seminar

Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” and the Institute for Studies of the Recent past organize a bi-monthly seminar on

The Regime and Society in Bulgaria 1956 – 1989. From Extended Reproduction to Social and Political Change

The first topic of discussions will be Ulf Brunnbauer’s monograph “Die Sozialistische Lebensweise. Ideologie, Gesellschaft, Familie und Politik in Bulgarian (1944 – 1989)” Continue reading